Interesting Pictures

Phyzer is an interesting photo manipulator. He digitally combines many images and parts of photographs to make really cool unique images.

I like this image of an island in the middle of an ocean. It is a square image, with the island perfectly centered in the frame, and kind of symmetrical, except for the sparse bright clouds in the bright deep blue sky topping off an overall bright image. I really like the color in the image.

I like the composition on this ocean image for many reasons. It defies the rule of thirds and puts the island right in the center of the picture. It breaks another rule and puts the horizon line right in the middle of the picture. But it all looks good because everything is centered and there is apparent symmetry. There is horizontal symmetry and a sort of vertical symmetry. There’s also a lot of negative space with just the little island in the center.


Littleredelf is an interesting artist (Andrea E. Janda). One photograph that I particularly like is called “Leave Only Footprints”. This picture of a set of footprints on the beach of a tropical island seems like it could fall into many categories of photography. The first category it could fall into is art photography. It is a very artistic photograph, with many interesting compositional elements. It has multiple S-curves, from the water and the footprints. The horizon line is very close to the top of the image which makes it interesting, and the camera is tilted to make the image not be simply composed of parallel lines. There also seems to be a lot of negative space in this image too, with all the blank sand. It also has nice bright lighting and it’s very sharp in the foreground yet the background isn’t very blurry. It could also be considered personal photography, since she takes pictures for as a hobby, and was probably on vacation and just having a good time. It could also fall into the documentary category. She could have been simply documenting her trip, or the island. Or she could have been planning on selling the photograph to magazines, journalists, or tourist or vacation companies. The photograph works well in that it captures the beauty of the island and could be used to accompany an article. It also has no people in the picture so there are no release forms that have to be dealt with. These are all good things to think about when making an image for a specific purpose, and trying to convey a specific meaning or feeling, like for the location she was at.


I think this image is really cool because it’s taking a familiar icon from facebook, that the majority of at least the youth today recognize the meaning of. It’s the symbol for when you click a button on a post or a page to show you “like” it. Whoever made this took that idea and used it in a different context, of liking a person, and also brought it out of the digital world into the real world.


I really like the applied art in this image. I don’t have much context for the image so I’m not sure what this is for, but the look gives off a happy feeling, and it looks like some type of building that would be close to the beach. I like how the whole surface is covered with the image, it isn’t framed or anything. It surrounds the observer and draws them in.


This is a really interesting image. It is obviously an advertisement, so you know they have something they really want to convey. I like how the image was heavily edited with all the fake furniture and stuff that we use everyday, and shows that he could just be a normal person too, yet he lacks even the fundamentals of a “normal” life, in terms of possessions and environment.


This image is similar to the facebook one, in that it takes widely recognized symbols and uses them instead of words. It’s an interesting idea and makes a creative picture. It also makes it a little more entertaining to have to “decipher” the meaning for a second, instead of just read the words.

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