Genre Gig Poster

The genre I used was grunge. The feel is usually dirty and chaotic, and there aren’t many clean images, they usually have textures over them, and paint splatters and stuff in the background. This genre is usually associated with hard rock and so I picked the band Flyleaf, which I think fits with this style well. None of these images are straight photos. They are at least custom live traced, and usually modified beyond that as well. For the image of the girl, I had to cut her out of the background she was on, figure out which live trace options worked best, then modify it more, especially to remove any weird white outline effects it randomly put on it. I had to vectorize the logos on the bottom, and totally recreate parts that weren’t working or were different colors. I used lots of layers in the image, and used blend modes to give it the effect I wanted. It took me a while to figure out how to easily make the sunburst background effect as well. I also couldn’t seem to make a good texture fill for the artist logo text that I made, so I placed a texture above it and blended it to fit. The yellow text looked pretty good by itself but it was a little hard to read at smaller sizes so I duplicated it and placed it on a layer behind the other, and stretched it and changed the colors and blend mode. I used a different effect on the SOMA text as well, to make it different and stand out from the date. Here’s some example images I liked:

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