Fruit Crate Label

Wow that took so long. I feel like I’ve gotten better at the pen tool already just because I used it so much.

Well, when I read that we could copy something exactly, I wanted to do just that, because I’m kind of detail oriented and I like recreating things exactly. It’s a lot easier for me than just trying to come up with something. So I found a few images that I thought I was capable of recreating, and picked one I liked. I used the pen tool for the rooster, making separate objects for the red, the black, and the eye, so I could overlap them and color them. A lot of the fonts are the same one, just bold or condensed or italic, it’s Myriad Pro. The Background is a 4 step gradient. The ‘morning judge’ text was all pen tool. Since the edges of that text were all straight and aligned, I just made an object of the basic rectangle outline for each word, then cut away or added to it, so every letter would line up. I was going to change what it said, but I liked how it looked, especially the G, and I wanted to try to recreate the whole thing as close as I could. The logo on the top left was the hardest. I had to figure out how to make that flower-type shape, and the methods we used for the vector flowers didn’t work. I used the shape tool to drag out a star, and held the mouse clicked as I pressed up and down on the keyboard until I matched up the right number of points. Then I used Offset Path at around 13px, Round, and Miter 4. Then I made another circle in the middle, and I wanted to just pen-tool the white rays in, but gradient mesh was in the requirements. So I spent forever modifying a gradient mesh to get the rays. For the “Texsun” text (clever name. texan/sun), I pen-tooled it, grouped the letters and used the grouped object outline to get the white outline just like in the original image. For the rest of the text, I used type on a path, various instances of italic/bold/condensed/semi bold/bold condensed, and different sizing, tracking, aligning, and rotating. I also modified all the colors in the image to make it seem newer and brighter, to actually improve the image (beyond simply vectorizing it, which is an improvement because it’s sharp now, and has unlimited resolution). Then I made the black outline for it, exported as .psd, opened in photoshop to add the white outline (also to make it a little different and better), and saved as full-res png.

Here’s some more images I liked:

Here’s a side-by-side:

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