Image Prevalence

1. Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

I think because it entertains us, as well as conveys a message easily. I think there’s many reasons, it’s easy to do, it’s really effective, people are drawn to it, people are used to it, people like it.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

I think it means that graphic design will always be a place of growth and possibility, and that for any of us with a little skill, we can go far, make money, have some fun, get some fame (possibly).

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communicationing with voters?

I think he wasn’t really focused on the younger crowd. He wasn’t really thinking what the newest form of effective communication is, and what this generation likes and looks at.

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